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With Cubeia Social you can run your own social poker site that uses play money. We handle the technical parts of the game so you can focus on your site and brand. You get a share of all revenue produced by your players.

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How does it work?


Contact us about registering as a new operator. After registration you will get access to your specific account page with the information you need for the next step.

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Easy Integration

When you have a registered account you need to provide some basic integration points in your web site. If you are using WordPress we have a WordPress plugin available.

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Easy Skinning

You can provide your own skin so your players gets a client with your brand. The skinning is done thorugh standard CSS3 styling. You can specify CSS file in your account settings.

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Attract Players

When you have the integration in place and the client looks like you want it, then you can start to build your player base. How you build your brand and get players is up to you!

Get Revenue

As a site operator you get your share of all revenue that your players bring in to the network. Revenue streams are defined by you, but can typically be buying more play chips.

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What is the difference?


No need to build up critical mass on your own. All players play on the same network so liquidity is shared.


More than just poker. Achievements, ranking & progression to keep it fun. Challenges and leaderboards keeps friends involved.

Hassle Free

No time consuming applications or legal red tape. Signup today and get started directly!

Device Support

Our poker client is based on the latest HTML5 standards and supports all major phones, pads and browsers.

Keep Updated

Keep yourself informed with metrics about your users.

Share the Revenue

All revenue is shared between You and the network. Read more…


Example Sites

Quarter Poker

Quarter Poker is one of our VIP operators that is using its own currency in addition to our play money. Uses the WordPress and the Cubeia Social WordPress plugin.

Why Cubeia Social?

Cubeia Social is built on top of Cubeia technology – one of the most advanced and highest quality systems in the industry.

  • Over 6 years in the gaming industry
  • Proven and scalable technology
  • Cutting edge HTML5 experience

Find out more about Cubeia and our products on our web site.