Beta Information

Cubeia Network is currently running in Beta mode. Below are some important differences from the planned regular operations. For more up to date information, please check the News section.


Issues & New Features

Please use the UserVoice application for support issues and requests for features. You can open this by clicking on the green tab on the side on this site or in the poker client.


Service Windows

During the beta period every weekday between 9am and 1pm CET is considered service window. This means that during this time the system can go down any time for updates.


Operator Fees

We will eventually impose a small recurring fee on operators. The size of the fee is not yet finalized but will be somewhere around €15 per month. The idea is not to generate any significant revenue for Cubeia but rather to filter out non-serious operators and noise. We believe that this is in everyone’s interest and will benefit everyone in involved in Cubeia Network in the end.



Revenue share payments are currently disabled. This does not mean that your revenue is lost, all accumulated revenue will be paid out once the payments integration is complete.



There will be bots playing on the network as long as we do not have enough players to sustain gameplay. The bots are easily spotted since they have short and simple names and are playing 24/7.